Music Samples
Samples from the Television Show
"Northern Exposure"
Double-A at 8:30am, thanks
Tom Marino - Trumpet, Peter Erskine - Drums/Perc. Bill Elliot - Piano
Bob Sheppard - Woodwinds, Alex Iles - Trombone, David Schwartz - Bass

David Schwartz - Composer (Grammy Award Nominee)
David wanted a Chet Baker / Miles
feel on this one.
David loved the "solo-tone" mute. I used it so
much, he called it the "money-mute".
This was a Bill Elliot chart, I believe. I did all the
trpt parts, Alex did all the bone parts, and Bob did
all the sax parts.
This was for the "Fellini" episode.
This was actually the first session I
did for David. He wanted that "Miles"
This is entitled "Bengal". David did
everything else on keyboard.
Trumpet was the only live
This was a Funeral Marching Band.
Samples from the
"Bob Marino Little Big Band" CD
Tom Marino - Trumpet, Mark Visher - Sax, Dave Ryan -
Trombone ,Bob Marino - Drums, Tim Redfield - Piano,
Key bass.
Days of Wine and Roses

On a Clear Day

All of Me

All the Things You Are
Samples from Gregg Rolie CD
Gregg Rolie is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the
co-founder of both groups,
Santana and Journey. He
recently came out with this solo CD featuring Neal
Schon on guitar. I arranged and played the horn parts
on these cuts.
Give It To Me
Down To Rio
In My Skin
Samples from the Motion Picture
"Hard Eight"
Tom Marino - Trumpet, Peter Erskine - Drums, John Patitucchi - Bass, Bob Sheppard -
Sax, Geroge Doering - Guitar, Bill Elliot - Piano

David Schwartz - Composer
Opening Credits
Gwenyth Paltrow Love Scene
Harmon mute stuff
More Harmon stuff
Chase Scene - Drug bust gone bad
Eerie harmon notes
Gospel duet with Bob
Closing Credits
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New Cue:
TV Show "Carpoolers"  (2007)
Toaster Scene (It's at the end - be patient)
New Cue:
Documentary of the life of Hunter S.
Thompson entitled, "Gonzo" (David
Schwartz - Composer)
TV Show - "Modern Family" on ABC.
Main Title - 2009
(I did all four trumpet parts)
Gabriel Mann - composer